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We offer a wide array of attractive false ceilings that enhances the beauty of your homes, offices, showrooms and corporate offices. We create a variety of false ceilings like gypboard false ceilings, grid false ceiling and wooden false ceiling. The false ceilings provide good interior design to the home, offices & showrooms.

Gypboard – Suspended False Ceilings:-

These types of ceilings are most preferable for fast track, cost-effectiveness and durability. Gypboards are machine made and thus provide the desired consistency in the construction. Gypboard results in creating a seamless finish and providing a neat look as well.

Armstrong Modular Mineral Fiberboard Acoustical False Ceilings:-

The noteworthy advantages of Armstrong Modular Mineral Fiberboard False Ceilings are that they have a Visual appearance of a perfect design, they are highly Acoustic – Sound Absorbent as well as Sound Attenuated. They are Washable, Humidity Resistant, Services Integrated and are also Light Weight.

Aerolite Light Weight Calcium Silicate Modular Ceilings:-

Aerolite ceilings have 100% RH resistance and are not affected by moisture water and the extremes of temperatures. Its advantages are that they have Fire Resistance, Thermal Insulation, Acoustics, Durability, Light Reflectance and Termite Resistance.

Insula Triple Benefit Modular Ceiling Systems:-

Insula is derived from Miniwool Rock Fibers, which is a pre-eminent and an established name in mineral fibers. It has a High Density of 375 kg/cu.m +/-10%, which is an advantage as there is a low probability of damage due to its high density. It has a better edge strength especially in revealed or regular tiles. There is easy accessibility and delivery of materials, which are easy to handle. The Insula Triple Benefit Modular Ceiling Systems have good sound attenuation of 41 DB along with good fire properties. Its major properties are that it is fire resistant, lightweight, it has a varied finish, thickness, is durable and cost-effective.

Armstrong Metal ceiling System – Lay-in tile type:-

The material with which it is made up of is Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel. The Surface finish is of Baked Polyester Paint. It is typically applied in Lobbies and Entryways, Retail Corridors, Dining Areas, High Access Areas like Airports and Bus Terminals. Its further advantages are that they have a 100% upward access, are ideal for renovation using standard 9/16” exposed tee grid systems, they are scrabbable and soil resistant. Cutout for recessed lights and sprinkles are also available with this system.

Span Pre Laminated Wood Ceilings & Paneling:-

Welcome to the world of span paneling. Made in Spain, Span Paneling is an ideal alternative to the conventional, at sight paneling. It is easy and quick to install, has a permanent finish and requires little or no maintenance. A variety of colours, stuccos, metallic and a wooden looking surface inspires you to achieve just the look you want, exactly according to your taste.

For those who enjoy the charm and elegance of wood, span paneling is available in the most classic finishes like Cherry, Walnut and Oak. However, a feature that they all have in common is that they are a reflection of harmony, tranquility and perfection. In a nutshell, you are bound to get stylish walls and ceilings that leave a calm and timeless impression.

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